Through this handpicked videos I will help you to understand the path to enlightenment. This Videos are put together as an attempt to be in a chronological order. My wish is that those videos explains how the questions, fears and emotions raises through every step to self-realization.

The teachers in the videos have a background from Advaita Vedanta, Non-duality or the tradition of Zen. If not, they share and communicate from a high frequency of realization in this subject. The first videos begins with establishing the root to your own being, and follows an order for the consciousness to dive deeper to your own self. The order refers to how questions has arised in my own search, and how many of this videos helped me to understand rare and niche emotions that camed up. The process of awakening is of course different to each and own person, please see this order as a possibility.

Spiritual awakening is a remembering. It is not becoming something that we are not. It is not about transforming ourselves. It is not about changing ourselves. It is a remembering of what we are, as if we’d known it long ago and had simply forgotten. At the moment of this remembering, if the remembering is authentic, it’s not viewed as a personal thing. There is really no such thing as a “personal” awakening, because “personal” would imply separation. “Personal” would imply that it is the “me” or the ego that awakens or becomes enlightened.

Adyashanti –  Life After Awakening. Source: Link (15/5-17)

This blogpost is the first and only for the website, but as time goes by, my intention is to update, refine and add more videos for better explanation. One longing in the future, is to bring material from scientific and academy, to give deeper understanding how this shift can be taking place in our fysical brain.

I have given a personal comment to every video and also linked to books and extended material I have read or highley recomend for deeper knowledge. If you want more information about the books, just press on it.

Feel free to post a comment in the guestbook, share your journey with others or ask questions that we together can look at! One tip is to read the comments on youtube to each video.

Investigate and take time here.
You are not alone. ❤️

Last update: 27/5-17

Intro 1:
Ramesh Balsekar (1917-2009) – What is a spiritual seeker seeking?
Duration: 2 min
Press: Youtube-Link

Intro 2:
Gangaji – How to become Enlightened
Duration: 8 min
Press: Youtube-Link

Intro 3:
The Mother (1878-1973) – Total Surrender
Duration: 7 min
Press: Youtube-Link

”Because so many people have come to believe that doing is necessary to achieve things, some spiritual paths have gotten over-complicated with doing. There are techniques and beliefs and all kinds of things to keep people busy. Some can be useful to help someone break-thru issues or to start to see life differently. But some can soon become just as much a block to spiritual truth as anything else.”

Jim Tolles – Simplicity and Spirituality: The Loss of Ego Complication. Source: Link (18/5-17)

1. Leonard Jacobson – Beyond The Story
”How emotions, toughts and sensations are triggered from the past to the present movement. How the human timeline works.”
Duration: 22 min
Press: Youtube-Link

2. Mooji – Understand the mecanism of your own mind
”The I keeps shifting shape, where are you? Recognice and discover.”
Duration: 11 min
Press: Youtube-Link


3. Adyashanti – What always is
”The essential nature always Is. The Core of our self is aware. How do you see the traps?”
Duration: 25 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • Jeff Foster – Through Exhaustion to Awakening  – Youtube-Link

4. Mooji – Fall in love with your freedom
”Dont become ruled of the world. Enjoy in, but dont stay there. Your adventure is even more great. Remember the voice who trying to keep you small”
Duration: 15 min
Press: Youtube-Link

5. Adyashanti – The existentiel drive to truth
”This deep longing to truth, comes from a feeling inside. Its the existing itself wispering.”
Duration: 7 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • Lisa Cairns – What every truth seeker is searching for – Youtube-Link
  • H.E. Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche – Intention pt 1/3 – Youtube-Link

6. Leonard Jacobson – Awakening to presence
”Its not possible to be outside this movement, only thoughts takes us there.”
Duration: 10 min
Press: Youtube-Link

”There needs to be a mirror, and there also needs to be me. Perhaps some people may say that the person who carries the mirror is causing the reflection to appear on the mirror. In that case if you ask the person to go away and just let the mirror stand there by itself, would it work? Since it is not the person carrying the mirror that is causing the reflection, could it be the empty space that is causing the reflection to appear? In that case who is reflecting the reflection? Not the mirror, not the empty space in between, not the person carrying the mirror. And yet, it wouldn’t work without me, it wouldn’t work without the mirror, it wouldn’t work without empty space.” 

Zen Master Hong Wen Liang – Jewel Mirror Samadhi. Source: Link (17/5-17)

7. Rupert Spira – Acceptance is not a Practice
”Don’t fix your thoughts with new thoughts, understand where they appear.”
Duration: 13 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • Swami Jaya Devi – You Are the Lollipop (who is meditating?) – Youtube-Link
  • John de Ruiter – [..] Deepen Your Spiritual Awakening [..] – Youtube-Link

8. Mooji – Remain as you are (Meditation)
”Is there any movement without selfimage? Who is the witness of time?”
Duration: 15 min
Press: Youtube-Link


9. Leonard Jacobson – Coming in to the center
”Sometimes the world is fun, sometimes not. Establish your self in your center. Relax.”
Duration: 10 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • Isha Judd – The Zen master and the void (recomend) – Youtube-Link

10. Adyashanti – Waking Up All the Way
”Our culture distract us from listening to our own heart. Be aware.”
Duration: 7 min
Press: Youtube-Link

11. Mooji – The answer that kills every question
”Who know what is being percived? None of my thoughts has an answer.”
Duration: 21 min
Press: Youtube-Link

12. Benthino Massaro – Im the creator (Meditation)
”This video speaks for itself.”
Duration: 17 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • Catherine Ingram – The Quiet That Contains the Mind – Youtube-Link

13. Mooji – You have to be a little bit mad to be free
”When does your thoughts and concepts dry up?”
Duration: 14 min
Press: Youtube-Link

14. Adyashanti – A shift in consciousness
”The truth, you sense it before you know it.”
Duration: 27 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • John de Ruiter – [..] Awakening Into Everyday Life – Youtube-Link

15. Papaji (1910-1997) – Enlightenment as Instant Desirelessness
”Desire is mind itself. Open your ears to the heart, your job is done.”
Duration: 34 min
Press: Youtube-Link

16. Maharishi Yogi  (1918-2008) – How to develop your full potential, pt 1
”The absolute reality, is a state from within. This have been overlocked for long time.”
Duration: 26 min
Press: Youtube-Link

17. Mooji – If You Want to Know the Truth, You Must Disappear
”Powerful satsang with alot of interesting emotions and questions. Mooji is on absolutely top. This video introduce and include real people that awakes through the teaching. Begins at 38.15.”
Duration: 2 H 40 min
Press: Youtube-Link

18. Adyashanti – The Disorientation That Occurs
”Our old belives are empty and without substence. Maby our motivation was there beacause of our old thoughts.”
Duration: 12 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • The fear ‘I Don’t Know What to Do’ – Mooji – Youtube-Link
  • The fear ‘I am no one’ – Mooji – Youtube-Link
  • The fear ‘Of Insanity’ (recomend) – Adyashanti – Youtube-Link
  • The fear ‘surrender to enlightenment’ – Isha Judd – Youtube-Link
  • The fear ‘letting go of little self’ – John de Ruiter – Youtube-Link

19. Mooji – Nothing Belongs To Me
”This conversation is between Mooji and this mans awakening. Powerful.”
Duration: 32 min
Press: Youtube-Link

”Unconditioned being, non-dual consciousness, and perfect peace, these three characteristics of profound sleep correspond to the three constituents of individual experience, namely, life, thought and feeling. But they are no more than aspects of the real self which must be single and immutable, single because it observes, and therefore transcends, the variety of objective experience, whenever the latter arises; and immutable because it remains unaffected by the appearance or the non-appearance of that variety. We could not, however, know anything about it if we departed from our unconditioned state on seeming to enter the objective domain. It follows that non-duality continues as the background of duality. Not until we approach the end of this work will all the implications of the present paragraph have been appreciated.”

John Levy – Nature Of Man According To The Vedanta (1956) , PDF page 24[37] Source: Link (18/5-17)

20. Adyashanti – Reality
”The question is no longer whats real or what it can be. You are this, otherwise its a concept and a observation from the mind. ”
Duration: 25 min
Press: Youtube-Link

21. Benthino Massaro – Empower Yourself (Meditation)
”This video speaks for itself.”
Duration: 16 min
Press: Youtube-Link

22. Rupert Spira – I Never Go Anywhere
”Poetry as a traveling in ourself. Very beautiful and artistic way.”
Duration: 9 min
Press: Youtube-Link

23. Adyashanti – Embracing Uncertainty
”The quiet space. Grace.”
Duration: 6 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  •  John de Ruiter – Coming Back Together in Your Heart – Youtube-Link 

24. Jim Tolles – How to Deal with Spiritual Awakening Symptoms
”Small confusing things can happend. Why do I holding on to old pathern, thats no longer are relevant. Where do I go now?”
Duration: 60 min
Press: Youtube-Link

25. Mooji – All Other Beings Appear in You (Powerful)
”You can see everything, except your own self. You are this unseen, something very subtile. Relay on this, Know.
Duration: 8 min
Press: Youtube-Link

  • Describing the new awarness in your new seeing, begins 11:50. Importent knowledge of what will be transformed. By John de Ruiter – Youtube-Link

”Above all else, you have to accept what you are. Let go of these old habits and ways of being. Clean out the closet. You don’t have to throw away everything, but you’ll know what is no longer appropriate. Now when you put on clothes, you may understand what you are presenting to the world, and you will be able to come at it from a sense of a play. It’s just a game. You don’t have to take it seriously. You will understand that other people will still take it seriously, and that’s there prerogative to do so. You’ll also understand that they can make some dangerously bad decisions from that space, so it’s not like you’re going around making fun of others or in anyway trying to change them. But you see what’s going on. In seeing what’s going on and trusting yourself, you’ll feel a lot less lost. From there, you can make the changes that feel authentic and live in truth to help show the way, because if you don’t, the others will never learn.”  

Jim Tolles – Feeling Awakened and Lost: Finally Seeing the World’s Many Lies. Source: Link (15/5-17)

26. Mooji – Living in Both Worlds
”You are strong, by staying still. No projections.”
Duration: 17 min
Press: Youtube-Link

When you are really listening within, you’re not listening to thinking and feeling, emotions or will. You’re not listening to your self or your past. You, awareness, are listening to what you know. When you are really listening within, you are being honest to what you know the truth of, not influenced by anything else. And you love really listening within. It returns you to pure you. It returns you to being what you really are. It makes your heart as clean as your being. When you listen to your self to inform you of the nature of reality, you take your self to heart and then you can no longer see. Concerning the nature of reality, you’re blind. As soon as you begin to really listen within, all of the voices of your self have no more say and there your heart is freed of your self, and the streams of your being fill your heart. There, your heart is the same as your being.

John de Ruiter – What this Life is For. Source: Link (27/5/17)

27. ”New state of Consciousness” – Your Life Changes when your Heart Opens
”She talkes for herself.”
Duration: 10 min
Press: Youtube-Link

28. John de Ruiter – Facing Who You Really Are At the Threshold of Death
Duration: 32 min
Press: Youtube-Link

”Enlightenment is the goal of human beings. But those who are enlightened cannot remain static; they will have to move, they will have to change. And now they have only one thing to lose—themselves.

They have enjoyed everything. They have enjoyed the purity of individuality; now they have to enjoy the disappearing of individuality. They have seen the beauty of individuality; now they have to see the disappearance and its beauty, and the silence that follows, that abysmal serenity that follows.”

Osho – What is Beyond Enlightenment? Source: Link (23/5/17)

While the world is trying to solve its problems and everyone around you is engaged in the same, you’re not. While everybody around you is trying to figure it out, trying to arrive, trying to “get there,” trying to be worthy, you’re not. While everyone thinks that awakening is a grand, noble, halo-enshrouded thing, for you it’s not. While everybody is running from this life right now, in this moment, to try to get there, you’re not. Where everybody has an argument with somebody else, mostly everybody else, starting with themselves, you don’t. Where everybody is so sure that happiness will come when something is different than it is now, you know that it won’t. When everybody else is looking to achieve the perfect state and hold on to it, you’re not.

Adyashanti – The Awakened Way. Source: Link (18/5-17)

My personal project about next stage of evolution, and science:

  • Thomas Hübl – The collapse of social structures as part of the awakening – Youtube-Link


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